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Gift Guide

Check out our picks below, we’ve broken it down by style in case you’re having a tough time finding where to start your gift giving journey!
The Modern Minimalist 
With a deep rooted appreciation for pieces that will stand the test of time, The Modern Minimalist has perfected the balance of styling classic pieces with a modern twist. Always in style, but not one for short lived trends, her pieces are a true reflection of her beauty, timeless.











The Trend Setter

Never afraid to embrace change, the Trend Setter shares an undeniable love for fashion and its constant innovation. She is always testing out new textures and silhouettes and usually the source of inspiration in her circle, always encouraging others to push boundaries and step outside their style comfort zone!
The Earthy Sophisticate 
The Earthy Sophisticate lives for no-fuss tailored wardrobe staples (like a classic loose fit button-up half-tucked into jeans, effortlessly paired with her favourite espadrilles). She is free spirited and brings a level of worldly charm in her jewellery picks with warm earth tones and unexpected gemstones.
The Classic Glam Lover 
Super social and loves to stand out, The Classic Glam Lover has an appreciation for the finer things in life, and she’s not afraid to show it! She embraces her sparkle and her joie de vivre never goes unnoticed. Whether she’s running errands, meeting up for brunch, or booking date night at the hottest restaurant, she never arrives in anything less than a statement!



The Mom Who Loves An Experience: A Gift Certificate
For the mom you’d like to indulge in a guilt free online shopping spree - or a shopping day out once the stores re-open, one of our Gift Certificates brings just as big a smile as any of our other pieces. 
All of these items are available online and ready for local delivery! 
We are also offering free gift wrapping - a small way of saying a big thank you for supporting us.








What if I told you that you can create a week's worth of looks with just two necklaces! Would you think I was crazy? Well, I'm not crazy, I'm a working mom. With my busy schedule, I don't have the luxury of time to come up with a stylized outfit everyday. I rely on my jewellery collection to jazz up my professional and casual wardrobes. Meet my new favourite necklaces from New York based company Vahan!

 Check out some of the countless ways I like to style these pieces:

Double Lariat

By simply looping the pendant through the chains you create a look that elevates your daywear and compliments evening wear.

Lariat & Long

This look is one of my favourites! It shows different levels of the look and brings your eye to the necklaces.


Double Chain

From day to night this look is elegant, classy and ready for anything!



Add a little sparkle to your day! Whether it is pearl, faceted black onyx or both this look is sure to dazzle.


You too can build your jewellery collection to help translate a simple outfit into a more sophisticated look. Vahan necklaces are $850.00 each, made with sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold, and pearl or faceted black onyx.



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