Push Present

Image of small baby feet and mothers hands

Push Present

Pretty new to our generation is the fantastic idea of a push present! A push present for those who have not heard is a present given by the husband to his wife the mother of a newly born baby. Whether a husband chooses to give it before, during or after the little bundle has arrived it is meant to be a lovely gift of jewellery to mark the arrival of a new baby.

I absolutely love this new practice and think it is a meaningful gesture with so much significance. Forever it will be cherished by the wife and in turn the child as a beautiful physical token of his or her arrival.

I have met countless men who have found meaning in this practice and loved the excitement and joy of giving such a special piece of jewellery to their wife on one of the most important milestones in their lives. An idea worth considering!  Some ideas could be a simple initial necklace with the first initial of the baby, a piece of birthstone jewellery to signify the month that the baby is born in or something that has been on your sweeties jewellery wish list! It is a meaningful piece of jewellery that does not have to break the bank.


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