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Discover what our clients have to say about their HOWARD custom design experience.


“For my 60th birthday, my husband and I decided to do something special. When I saw the ring that Prince Harry designed for Meghan Markle, I was so inspired! We went to Howard Fine Jewellers and worked with Jessica to design this stunning ring. The diamonds that we used were from a bracelet my parents had given me and the garnets were from a pendant and earring set that I had bought myself, but hadn't worn in about 8 years. It was time to turn them into something I would cherish and wear everyday. I absolutely love the design, especially the burnt orange of the garnet paired with the side diamonds.

I decided to come to Howard after studying the process on their website. I knew that Howard was good, but the end result was way above anything that I could have ever imagined. I'm just blown away! The people there made this experience so special. When they see you, they all offer to take care of you. You're treated like a queen. I feel perfectly comfortable here. Those are the things that mean something to me – when I'm there I'm a part of their home.” - Sasha


Thank you!


"This bracelet originally belonged to my mother. She had bought it in Italy with my father many years ago while on a trip. It was her absolute favorite bracelet and one of their most valued possessions.

Over the years my parents had misplaced the bracelet, and when they passed away it seemed as if it was lost forever. Nobody knew where it was until we were ready to liquidate their estate. Among their possessions, I found this old book that I intended on throwing away. Little did I know that the book was a faux jewelry box and the bracelet had been hidden inside it all those years! When I opened the book, I couldn't believe it. I was so happy!

When I came to Howard several months ago, I didn't know what to do with the bracelet. It was too big for me to wear, but I was nervous to even tamper with it. It was such an emotional process. What I like was that when I came to see Jessica and Frank they understood that, they recognized how sentimental this piece was to me. If I had gone anywhere else I don't think It would have been the same experience. When Frank and Jessica saw it, they didn't see it as something they could profit from, they had its history and my interest in mind.

When it came to redesigning my mother's bracelet we wanted to keep everything as original as possible, and also make sure that there wasn't a single piece that went to waste. I was amazed by the end result. We spent hours and hours going over the design to get it just right. We came up with a design that allowed us to rearrange and transform the bracelet into 3 pieces - a bracelet, pendant and pair of earrings. Now the pieces reflect me and my style, while still respecting the original piece and where it came from. There was a lot of care, TLC and respect that was put into these pieces. It's quite extraordinary.

I'm so grateful that the Howard team was able to do what they did. I think they've done an exceptional job! I'll be able to treasure these pieces everyday and always have a little piece of my mother with me. My mom would be so happy to know that it got a new life.”  - Allison




All of the gold and diamonds in this bracelet are from different pieces of jewellery I received from my late husband.  I wanted to enhance the diamonds, the artistic square frame around each one provides the perfect compliment.  It's beautifully done and I am very happy.  The customer service is front and center at HOWARD and they really know how to celebrate special moments with their clients.   







With the help of the talented and exemplary staff we were able to re work pieces of jewellery I no longer wore into a masterpiece.  My hushand and I had the pleasure to work through the entire design process.  All aspects of working with Jessica and the artists behind the scenes were enjoyable and professional.

-MIRANDA (From concept to completion)




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